Totally addicted: Mimmistaaf


It’s not often that a shop makes me want to move to another country. But does just that.

Started following them on Instagram a couple of weeks ago and I’m now stalkerishly obsessed with their feed and their website.

It’s like they have taken a little peek into my brain, rummaged around, taken everything interiors-wise that I love and popped it all into one shop.

They do the whole pastels and neon trend brilliantly. The cushions and throws are to die for.

I won’t start packing the boxes just yet as I’ve discovered they ship. So while I would love (LOVE) to spend hours in the real life shop, we’re staying put in the UK a while longer.

Here are some of my favourite pieces:






Divine aren’t they?!


Putting a spring in your step

Mint diamond cushion Tesco

My eye is firmly on this sweet cushion which, can you believe, is from Tesco! I love a supermarket bargain.

If your home is in need of a little revamp for Spring/Summer 2014, you could do worse than opting for shades of mint and yellow. I’ve rounded up some of my other top picks.

If you tot them up, they come in at about £100 (without postage)


Oh La La tea towel – €15.00 from

Butter dish – £12 by Anthropologie

Wire storage basket – by Ferm Living from This Modern Life

Yellow cushion – yellow on one side, teal on the other! £18 by the brightcompanyonline

Mint lantern – this is in Tesco’s new Sherbert Crush range and is a snip at £10!

Date 2 with Annie Sloan

So my first date with Annie Sloan chalk paint didn’t exactly go smoothly. I’m sure you’ve all read the millions of blogs and reviews about this paint. It’s really popular because it glides over varnish without you having to even go near sandpaper. So I won’t bore you with the product details here!

Anyway, I have been using the pure white and the soft clear wax. I wanted a white that was white, white for  four farmhouse type chairs for our breakfast room. They were that honey coloured pine – very nasty and very 80s. Silly me, forgot to take before pictures.

Basically, I ended up having to do loads of coats. This is probably because I don’t like the ‘shabby chic’ look when the paint flakes off and all looks rather streaky. I found the paint very thick so not that easy to work with. Then – when I had applied coat after coat after coat – I got to the waxing stage. I felt as if I was applying wax that I can only describe as globby. It does say on the tin that it can make your paintwork a shade darker. I thought it was beginning to look a bit dirty. And not in a good way. But they were finally done. It wasn’t long, however, before I discovered that every time they moved, they left a chalky smear across my tiled floor. Annie Sloan and I were going to fall out.

Nine months later, it was time to give old Annie another chance. I still had loads of leftover paint so decided to redo the chairs and a pine table. (Altogether, they were £25 off Gumtree so if it all works, it’ll end up a bit of a bargain.)

But this time, I needed to make some changes so I:Annie Sloan chairs

  • Added water to the paint – this makes it so much easier to work with
  • Used a small little roller for the table – this helps give a smoother look as you don’t see all the brushwork. This wouldn’t work very well if you didn’t add water though
  • And crucially…heated up the wax! It was all thick before and I ended up with big globules all over my chairs. I stuck the tin in a mixing bowl. Filled bowl up with boiling water – just like a little bain marie. Make sure the water doesn’t touch the wax. Et voila – lovely wax of a butter consistency.
  • Used a sock to wax – yep, pop it on like a glove and rub over your furniture. Works like a dream.

I still found that I had to do lots of coats of paint on the table though. Perhaps its because of the type of varnish that was already on there? If I had a choice, I’d probably pick a piece of furniture that didn’t need a lot of sanding and then use plain old eggshell!

But they do seem to be lasting much better than before – no streaks of chalk, hooray!


Have you got any Annie Sloan tips to share?


So this lovely little birdie from Scout Editions has found its way to me. I love the bright yellow and he nestles in just perfectly with my teal and zesty yellow colour scheme. He was a Christmas gift after some extreme hinting.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 21.02.29

Unfortunately, he’s now sold out but he is available in the reverse colour scheme. Another of my favourites is Hummingbird. I love the pops of pink, green and blue and it would look great in a colourful or a grey room.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 21.03.13

If you prefer a more neutral scheme, then  Pigeon or Snowy Owl may be more up your street.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 21.04.42

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 21.04.20

The prints are available on limited edition runs only. They are created by Pui, a London based Graphic Designer and are A4 sized. Though if you prefer something smaller, a postcard set is available too which would work wonderfully in a child’s room.

I just need to find a lovely white frame and mount now. I will keep you posted. Which one is your favourite?