Which cushions do I plump for?

This is only my sixth post but I have realised that cushions have featured rather a lot already. Perhaps it’s time to get them out of my system and focus on them properly. So, let’s talk cushions…

I want to create a cosy bedtime story spot in my son’s room. Fortunately he’s only 18 months so I get to choose! No Spider-Man duvets in this house just yet.

These are currently my favourites:



From top left corner clockwise:
Soft faux suede bear by Ooh Deer, £34.95
Turquoise spider by Ooh Deer, £34.95
Bear in trousers from This Modern Life, £28
Mammoth by Ooh Deer, £27.96
Green and yellow birds, from Hus and Hem, £28
Elephant, from This Modern Life, £25
Swan Lake from Hus and Hem, £28
Hello Sunshine, from This Modern Life, £25

I love how in kids rooms you can be a bit more adventurous than in the rest of the house. Which would you plump for?


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