Banish the brown

My hallway needs some serious attention and we finally have a date for the painter. He’s coming this week and says it’s going to take about 10 days, maybe more.

We decided to get the professionals in because it’s a huge job and it would take me and Mr Pretty Four Walls forever.

We have a lot of woodwork – I’m talking banisters, doors, door frames, chair rails, picture rails, skirting and window frames – all covered in this horrible, very dated, dark brown stain. It all looks rather gothic and it’s put me off brown for life.

Before you look at the pictures of what it currently looks like, excuse the buggy and excuse the makeshift stair gate. But this is what houses with toddlers are like, right?





While I HATE the brown, the yellowy walls and the stair carpet, I love the stained glass, the original tiles and the space under the stairs.

So, now I must turn my attention to what I want my hallway to look like (cue pinterest-filled evenings) All I know is that I want white woodwork. I think this will help the stained glass to pop.

I feel as if I should be bold with my colour choice but I am veering towards off whites, pale grey carpet and then a warmish neutral below the chair rail. Maybe a bright pop of turquoise or green on the front door?

I also want a shelf above our radiator to create more of a finished look. (I would have liked a radiator cover but I can’t find one to fit.) And I want more storage so I’m planning to pop a shelf above our door hooks for boxes and baskets for gloves, hats and the million and one things that seem to find themselves here! I’d also like a cushion on top of the little cupboard by the door to create a little seat.

I have visions that I will suddenly become Mrs Ultra-Organised. I will never lose my keys again and my house will always be tidy – all because of my new shelves! Yeah, right!

So wish me luck. Ten days of painting and upheaval while the husband’s away with work and I am home alone with disorderly toddler. I have a feeling I am going to spend most of my time at soft play sessions…

I’ve pinned my favourite hallways – check them out here – and if you have any inspiration, please do share!


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