Baby essentials for the style conscious

If you’re at all like me, then you will look around your home and despair when you look at all the stair gates, fireguards and other paraphernalia that accompanies a small child.

I have an extremely boisterous 18 month old who pulls, tugs, climbs and crashes so if something can be locked down, latched or screwed to a wall, it pretty much is.

So, where you can, it is rather nice to treat yourself to the essentials that appeal to the style conscious.

Expectant Mums, hold on to your credit cards…

Cots and toddler beds – Danish designers Sebra offer a beautiful cotbed, available at Kidsen. I would have a baby, just to have this in my home!


The Stokke sleepi would also do nicely. And go and have a drool over the range at MOOD – gorgeous bassinets, cots, cotbeds and toddler beds.


Good old Ikea do a range which is much less painful on the purse.

Stairgates – There is a clear gap in the market for something more pleasing on the eye. I know they’re safety products but, come on, they’re normally the first thing you see when you walk through the door. The wooden options are better, like this one from Baby Dan. But that’s about it! PLEASE let me know if you’ve spied anything else. Ditto fireguards – though I have this which is a playpen but can also be used as a room divider and fire guard ( you still require a little spark guard behind it). As I said, my little boy is particularly boisterous, hence the fence in my living room!

High chairs – ouch, these little fellas come in at over £270 but there is something rather Eames-ish about them.


Again, those clever Ikea folk give us this – something plain and simple – which is what we have in our house. And they also do this – at £45. I wish I had seen this in our local store.

Tableware – Rice, of course, do lovely melamine plates and bowls. And then there’s this from Abacus Kids which is made from bamboo fibre.


Let me know if there’s anything you’re looking for that I’ve not covered – either here or on twitter @prettyfourwalls?


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