Totally addicted: Charlotte Love

If you’re ever in need of brightening up a dull day, then take a look at the work of Charlotte Love.

She’s an interior stylist and works for the likes of Good Homes and 91 Magazine. I’ve long been a fan and follow her pinterest boards, Instagram and blog to ensure I get my fill of pretty objects placed just-so.

What I really like is how she weaves her magic with everyday objects like pencils, notebooks and reels of cotton. It just goes to show that you don’t have to go out and spend lots of money to style a mantelpiece, a shelf or a little cosy corner. You probably have everything you need already lying around.

Charlotte has kindly let me show you her work here so take a peek at some of my very favourite images.

Just one word of warning, let it be known that this may make you run around your home in an over excited state, putting your things together in a manner worthy of a photoshoot….enjoy.








If you find yourself in a crazed styling state after reading this post, I’d love to see the results! Instagram me!

And let me know which is your favourite!


2 thoughts on “Totally addicted: Charlotte Love

  1. What a great idea with those bi-colored chairs! I have a chair just like that in my garage from a thrift store (Though it’s not painted). Hmmm…. Ideas are flowing…

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