Style lust: Cathryn Weatherhead

I recently stumbled across illustrator Cathryn Weatherhead. I bought this lovely little print…


It looks a little grey and grainy here but that’s just my shoddy photography!

Anyway, I decided to take a further look at her work. Cathryn is Cardiff based and, among others things featured on her website and etsy page, has created this gorgeous illustrated world map.


I’ve seen maps like this before but I love the fact that Cathryn has used her native Welsh! I’m a Welsh girl myself but only know a little bit – or should I say ‘tipyn bach’ of the language.

Here are some close ups so you can have a better look:





Wouldn’t it look amazing in these rooms…




Original sources to images can be found on my Pinterest page.


One thought on “Style lust: Cathryn Weatherhead

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