Obsessive gumtree disorder

Oh how I chuckled when I read about Obsessive Craigslist Disorder on Apartment Therapy. It all felt rather too familiar, especially the urge to constantly refresh my local offering of second hand bargains!

Rarely can I go to bed without searching for an elusive pair of decent looking bedside tables and a nice sturdy blanket box.

I still beat myself up about the 1950s kitchen cabinet I just missed out on because I took too long to decide. What was I thinking? It was a bit like this but in red – picture courtesy of Finch and West.


I got this great little chest of drawers for £25 from Gumtree which has lovely little handles. Excuse the awful picture (and my floor that is about to be put through its paces with a sander) but here it is in my garden room with some Lloyd Loom chairs my Mum picked up at an auction.


I’ve since moved it into our living room to store books and toys and for the moment it hides some unsightly cables. I’m not happy with its spot but it is doing sterling work at the end of every day when I stow so much stuff in it!

I also got this table and chairs for £25 – it was the feature of my one of my very first posts talking about Annie Sloan paint – which, as an update, I now believe should have been finished with the lacquer and not the wax as a it needs to be a robust piece of furniture that is in constant need of de-weetabixing thanks to my toddler.




We also bought teak furniture, complete with parasol, for the garden. It would have been about £600 brand new but cost us £80 as a family were moving abroad.

I love the fact that I am getting a bargain but it also feels worthwhile in that it helps stop good pieces of furniture that are still functional and attractive going to landfill.

Of course, it does have its downside too. My pet hate is when fellow Gumtree’ers have decoupaged what look to have been pretty nice pieces of furniture in the name of ‘shabby chic’.

Now there’s an overused phrase if ever there was one! Can I just ask that you leave the bedside tables decoupage free please?


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