When shelves become Ugg boots

There are some trends that take off off which, dare I say it – and please don’t take offence – all start feeling a bit samey.

Take children’s rooms. I can’t seem to get away from the house shaped shelf.

And they do look cute don’t they?



I have been so tempted to indulge. But they are EVERYWHERE. It all starts feeling a little identikit….it’s a bit like few years ago when everyone wore skinny jeans and Ugg boots.

So how does a girl be different? I’ve been trawling through Etsy recently and there are some great alternatives. Now you need a little vision here – imagine them styled with books and toys, maybe painted and against a cute wallpaper.







Great alternatives that also fulfil the geometric trend.

All links to the Etsy sellers can be found on my pinterest page. Which is your favourite? (Ps promise to never compare shelving with Ugg boots ever again.)


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