The coveted list: July

It’s Monday, the sun’s shining and most of us have been in work all day. I figured you were all in need of some cheering up.

So here’s a round up of products that are are jolly, fun and have really caught my eye.

We start with this children’s organic bubble bath from Bimbily. Isn’t the packaging lovely? I’m sorry but it could be ‘worms and snails oil’ and I’d still buy it. I’m a sucker for an illustrated woodland animal and a pretty font. (PS – if you check out Bimbily, take a look at their stunning range of wallpaper).

Fortunately, it contains mandarin and argan oil’ and it’s made in Britain.


I’ve been a fan of Rosehip Paper and Cards’ Instagram feed for a while now. Designer Silkie Lloyd takes her inspiration from fabrics and wallpapers from years gone by.


These mini bowls by Wind and Willow Home are all hand dipped. I love the range of colours. You could use them for spices or jewellery. I think I would probably pop them on a desk for paperclips. The lovely colours would be so cheery on a desk.


Meanwhile, I have finally got around to sending my seat cushion off to get a new lease of life. You might remember my earlier post about the lovely fabric I spotted in Wells. It’s taken a while because I had to ask the shop to send me more fabric. My guesstimation of fabric needed was shockingly poor! I am so useless at sewing. I have no idea of these things.

More on that very soon….I can’t wait to show you!

Quick post this week. Mr PFW is away for three weeks so I’m juggling a particularly busy time in work with toddler tantrums. Though he has started to blow raspberries on my tummy which is hilarious.

If you’ve spotted a product that should feature in next month’s round up, please get in touch!

Happy Monday.



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