Autumn/Winter Lookbook 2014

There’s one phrase that is guaranteed to make me click right now – Autumn/Winter lookbook 2014.

I am so ready for Autumn and The Hambledon emailed me this week with theirs which they describe as “a little bit WI, a little bit tea party and a little bit village fete.” Cute.

So I thought I’d share some of the pictures to see what you think.

I love these window vases (especially with the touches of mint, blue and yellow – and is that a touch of blush pink I can spy?) piled on top of the piano. Of course, you wouldn’t have anywhere near the impact with just one or two. But an odd number would look good on a mantel piece or bookcase.


I love old, faded books. It reminds me of all the Enid Blytons at my Mum and Dad’s house. There’s another picture (which I’ve tried to include here but have failed miserably to upload) of a few books piled on top of each other. I’ve done something similar in my spare room. It’s a handy way to style a chest of drawers or bedside table with possessions that may otherwise just gather dust.


The final picture I’m including is, in my opinion, a bit more suited to spring than autumn. The Hambledon admit it’s a touch pale too. But I do love milk glass.


The store is available online here but there’s also a bricks and mortar shop in Winchester. I would love to pay a visit sometime.


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