Rebelling against monochrome nurseries

Don’t get me wrong, I do love the idea of monochrome. See my earlier posts here and here..

BUT I am not entirely sure I could:

A) carry it off
B) actually live with a room dominated by black and white

Now, I know monochrome nurseries are IN. With the odd pop of colour. But I can’t help wondering – do the kids like it? Especially babies who, we are told, love gaudy colours – you don’t see many Early Learning Centre play gyms in black and white now do you?

So in my little rebellion against monochrome nurseries and in defence of COLOUR FOR BABIES (yes, capital letters – I am visualising the campaign posters), here are some of my favourite rooms. What I love most is that they look real, achievable, homely – and not at all like a catalogue.


I spotted this on a Pinterest trawl and it’s taken from Baby Elements. It’s the combination of that blue oval rug and the yellow chair that just does it for me. It’s a colour combo I’ve gone for in my living room.


I like the pops of red in these options which have been taken from the Wonder Wren website. Ok, so it’s not a word. But I like its achievability. If you took a quick snap on Instagram, who would notice a discarded Ella’s Kitchen pouch on the shelf? Or a tub of Sudocrem out of place?

And it feels as if little items and possessions have been lovingly gathered over the years which work together, rather than buying items just because they fit into a scheme.


This is taken from I love the chest papered in retro patterns. Doesn’t it add a comforting feel to the room?


If you prefer pastels and more white in your scheme, this is a nice look. I love these headboards and the yellow bedspread. And a good example that a room for two doesn’t have to be all matchy matchy. Again, source for this image is


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