I have news. I am moving.

I am part excited about our little adventure and part devastated to be leaving my home. The move also means leaving Cardiff and all the friends we have made here.

We’re moving because Mr PFW has a new job, which he is very excited by, plus it’s nearer our families. But I know I am going to be sad when we shut the door.

We’ve only been here for a couple of years but I feel we have made some big improvements. But I am gutted that I haven’t had the time to do everything we wanted to.

So here’s the list of jobs that won’t get done!

1.Turning the dining room into a playroom
Because we have a breakfast table that seats four in the kitchen, we don’t tend to use the dining room all that much. So I had bought a white table (I went fairly cheap and cheerful from BHS) which could double up as a craft table for the little one plus it could seat eight when he had more people over for dinner.

I was deciding whether to paint the floorboards. They’re currently painted dark brown. Or whether to carpet which would have been cosy for a playroom.


2 Replace fireplace in dining room
I was planning on something much less clunky to fit in better with the 1930s vibe. It’s a bit of a monstrosity.


3. Revamp Little One’s room
The carpet was here when we arrived and it’s such great quality and in good condition, that if couldn’t justify replacing it. But it’s not really my cup of tea. But I was planning on introducing a few, fun elements to the room…a new lick of paint and these gorgeous Belle & Boo wall stickers that I’d bought on sale which work well with the teepee he was given for his birthday..



I had also bought a Cathryn Weatherhead illustration to place over the fireplace, together with a few other bits and bobs I’ve gathered.


I can’t get enough of this illustrator’s work.

So it’s been pretty manic here, planning and sorting everything out. We are hoping to exchange contracts soon on the house and then we will rent for a while when we move to Shropshire. That way, we can decide whereabouts we want to buy.

On top of that, I have had to hand my notice in at work. I’m a PR Manager so I have decided to take the leap and go freelance.

So my first priority in the new house will be a lovely, new workspace where I can focus on the blog and my freelancing! If you have any inspiration or moving tips, let me know!


Come and take a peek…

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be popping up a few pictures of the house, taken by the brilliant photographer Jake Morley.. I’ll explain why he was at our house in a couple of weeks…

Anyway, if you’re in the UK and need a first rate photographer, this guy is the business. And brides to be, book him up quickly…take a look at his website and you’ll see why. Plenty of images for your secret pinterest boards girls!! It makes me want to get married all over again!

Today, I’m showing you our little breakfast room and hallway. You might remember that we’ve done quite a bit to the hallway to lighten and modernise it. You can see the before and after pics here and here. It’s completely transformed the space and now the original features stand out a lot more.

So the below photograph…this is my favourite part of the whole house. It’s the view out of the breakfast room/kitchen and into the hallway.


This is our breakfast room which is open plan with the kitchen. I love the original, built in dresser. The kitchen’s not my cup of tea – it was what was here when we bought the house but we’d go for something altogether brighter and lighter! The layout makes it very easy to keep an eye on a Houdini toddler, plotting escapes from his high chair, while de-weetabixing the kitchen. That stuff gets everywhere doesn’t it??


We went for greys and whites in our hallway. This print is from notonthehighstreet and a first anniversary present to my husband. The whole personalisation thing is all a bit done now isn’t it but it lists some of our favourite places, including Pica Pica – a bar in Cardiff where we met on our first date so I still enjoy seeing it.

You’ll see we have picture rails and we hang all our frames with picture rail hooks and transparent fishing wire which is really strong.


We plumped for a grey carpet too and we are so pleased with it. It was all a bit gothic and medieval beforehand!


Here’s a better view of our tiles…


Obviously this was a day when little one was out! We completely de-child proofed the house- hence the lack of toys, stair gates, fireguards and general carnage.

Mille’s Copenhagen home tour

A term should be coined for Instagram envy. Because that’s exactly what I am suffering from every time a gorgeously styled space pops up in my feed from @missmillemaria who lives in Norrebro in Copenhagen. I swear design must run through the Danish DNA.

So I’m delighted that Mille’s home of four years – which she shares with husband Torben and daughters Olivia (three) and Bella (two) – is the first ever home tour on Pretty Four Walls. I have been dying to share this with you…enjoy.



Check out the little climber! I’m so glad it’s not just my toddler who does this!



What have you done to the house?
We took down a wall to make the living room larger. We love our living room and we spend SO much time there!


Describe your style
My style is very Scandinavian, I think. I like minimalism and I don’t like when a room seems cluttered and full of stuff. I like soft colours, black/white and plants. I prefer light rooms. And I love books! My bookcase is my favorite piece of furniture.


Which room is your favourite and why?
I really love my living room because the whole family can spend time together and do different stuff. Often Olivia draws at the table, Bella watches cartoons and my husband and I read on the couch.



Where do you find inspiration?
I often use Instagram as inspiration for interiors, but also Pinterest and Tumblr. I’m also a huge fan of interior magazines and we have so many good ones in Denmark like BoligMagasinet, BoligLiv, BoBedre, Elle Decorations DK etc.

Do you have favourite brands and do you buy vintage?
I generally like Nordic brands like PH Lamps, Hay, Normann Copenhagen, Verner Panton, Muuto, Arne Jacobsen. I also love Eames and have a lot of different Eames chairs. I sometimes buy vintage, but it’s not something I do a lot.


Any tips on design when you’re living with kids?
Ikea 😉 It’s cheap, functional and when you wanna change it, it doesn’t cost a fortune.


So there we have it! Pretty Four Walls’ very first home tour. Let me know what you think – every image reminds me of sugared almonds!

Thank you to Mille and her gorgeous family for allowing me to share this with you. For more, check out her Instagram feed at @missmillemaria.

If there are ways in which I can improve the home tours in the future, please comment below – what questions would you have asked the lovely Mille?

Totally addicted: Tiger

Now if you have a Tiger store near you, and you’ve not yet been, I strongly suggest you hotfoot it down there pronto.

You could easily walk past – perhaps it’s the branding but it doesn’t look anything much. But step inside and it’s a totally different story.

It’s one of those annoying shops where you actually can’t leave without buying anything. It is actually addictive. Rather like Ikea.

I popped in today on the lookout for stocking fillers and it’s a perfect hunting ground – cute little storage suitcases, animal party masks, play do and kaleidoscopes. Oh and did I mention? It’s cheap, cheap, cheap!

I came away with these cute little wooden cars, a suitcase as well as a few other items. I grabbed a quick picture to show you.


But it’s not just a go-to place for stocking fillers. Check out their homewares too. Take these cute, ceramic mugs, for example..


I’m kicking myself that I didn’t take more pictures because they also had a nice copper wire basket and a very homely patchwork-squared bedspread which was a snip at £15.

Nice ceramics too…



They do have a website, but it’s not a webshop. They also explain that stock in the different stores can be varied and that what is on the website may not necessarily be in the stores and vice versa. Hence no bedspread photos.

But find your nearest store here. Well worth a visit….