Mille’s Copenhagen home tour

A term should be coined for Instagram envy. Because that’s exactly what I am suffering from every time a gorgeously styled space pops up in my feed from @missmillemaria who lives in Norrebro in Copenhagen. I swear design must run through the Danish DNA.

So I’m delighted that Mille’s home of four years – which she shares with husband Torben and daughters Olivia (three) and Bella (two) – is the first ever home tour on Pretty Four Walls. I have been dying to share this with you…enjoy.



Check out the little climber! I’m so glad it’s not just my toddler who does this!



What have you done to the house?
We took down a wall to make the living room larger. We love our living room and we spend SO much time there!


Describe your style
My style is very Scandinavian, I think. I like minimalism and I don’t like when a room seems cluttered and full of stuff. I like soft colours, black/white and plants. I prefer light rooms. And I love books! My bookcase is my favorite piece of furniture.


Which room is your favourite and why?
I really love my living room because the whole family can spend time together and do different stuff. Often Olivia draws at the table, Bella watches cartoons and my husband and I read on the couch.



Where do you find inspiration?
I often use Instagram as inspiration for interiors, but also Pinterest and Tumblr. I’m also a huge fan of interior magazines and we have so many good ones in Denmark like BoligMagasinet, BoligLiv, BoBedre, Elle Decorations DK etc.

Do you have favourite brands and do you buy vintage?
I generally like Nordic brands like PH Lamps, Hay, Normann Copenhagen, Verner Panton, Muuto, Arne Jacobsen. I also love Eames and have a lot of different Eames chairs. I sometimes buy vintage, but it’s not something I do a lot.


Any tips on design when you’re living with kids?
Ikea 😉 It’s cheap, functional and when you wanna change it, it doesn’t cost a fortune.


So there we have it! Pretty Four Walls’ very first home tour. Let me know what you think – every image reminds me of sugared almonds!

Thank you to Mille and her gorgeous family for allowing me to share this with you. For more, check out her Instagram feed at @missmillemaria.

If there are ways in which I can improve the home tours in the future, please comment below – what questions would you have asked the lovely Mille?


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