Christine’s Norwegian renovation

So anyone who describes home as a place where you can kick your shoes off in the hallway has the right attitude in my opinion. And anyone who renovates a home – while pregnant – while their husband works away at sea? Well, they’re just Superwoman.

Welcome to prettyfourwalls’ second ever home tour and today’s is a real treat. If there was ever a home, I would like to curl up and play in as a family on a rainy day, this is it….

Christine lives in Norway with her husband Tore and her three beautiful daughters Frida (7), Eva (2) and little Tora (8 months).


What have you done to the house?
I think we have done everything you can to a house! It’s been a complete restoration. We tore everything out and built the house again – replacing the roof, putting new isolation in, built new walls, installed new windows and so on. However, we kept the old wooden floors in the living room and kitchen and also some of the old doors, to keep the soul of the old house. Our most difficult task must have been renovating while my husband was working at sea for long period of times while pregnant with my two youngest daughters.


Any disasters along the way?
Of course… so many. The biggest disaster came when we ordered windows for the living room and they didn’t fit properly. I also regret not using another type of window instead of these energy efficient ones we got. The windows we have are suitable for new house projects and not old houses like ours, but we were fools and listened to the contractor and of course he only wanted to use the type of windows he got a commission on. Of course!


They have caused us problems because they are sealproof so the house got too air tight. But we ventilated and it’s ok now. If I ever build or renovate a house again, I will most certainly not let someone else make decisions for us but stand my ground better than I did then, but its easy to be wise after isn’t it? Its so stupid really because it is your money, but its so easy to give in to someone who claims this and that and argues strongly against your gut instinct!


Describe your style.
It’s a mix of old and new, I love design classics but I can’t afford as many as I would like so we have a mixture of flea market and IKEA finds as well as things that we have inherited. Sometimes we make our own furniture – my husband made our coffee table among other things. He really is the handyman of my dreams!! Haha! Also I love colour so our house is nice and bright, but not in an over the top kind of way…



Which room is your favourite and way?
Our bedroom is my favourite and I don’t exactly know why, but it’s decorated in a neutral colour and it’s calm and nice. I love spending time in our bed having lazy mornings drinking coffee in bed, reading magazines, but with three kids I don’t have to worry about that happening too often!!



Where do you find inspiration? Do you have favourite brands or do you buy vintage?
I find a lot of inspiration in magazines but also on Pinterest and Instagram. I do visit blogs from time to time, but my biggest inspiration is from wild nature and also how my Mom decorated our house when I grew up. We had a big old house and she loved interior design and old antique furniture.

She is quite ill now – she developed Alzheimer’s a few years ago, but I remember how things were when I was little, and how our home made me feel. Coming home from school , kicking my shoes off in the hallway, entering the house of my parents, it was so beautiful. So that’s what home means to me, creating an interior from good memories and feelings.

My favourite brands are Vitra, Bruno Mattson, Muuto, Hay, Ferm Living to mention a few.


Any tips on design/interiors when you’re living with kids? Well IKEA’s got a lot of smart storage solutions for families, and storage is everything when you are living with kids. You have to think like a kid to come up with creative ideas, I try to imagine what I would appreciate if I was a kid in our house.



Thank you to Christine for letting us have a glimpse into the warm, cosy home she and Tore have made for their family. Are there any style tricks you’d like to steal for your home?

I just love the little vintage pieces mixed in – like the little living room side table, the Radionette which makes the most amazing TV stand ever and the girls’ twin beds. It makes every look so homely and liveable. And check out the wall light in the living room! Love it. What do you love most?

To see more of Christine’s gorgeous home and family, you can follow her on Instagram at @scandinavianmom or follow her blog.


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