Totally addicted:

If your partner isn’t the best at choosing presents, then you might want to signpost him towards And when I say, ‘signpost’, I should say ‘shove website under his nose.’

It promotes itself as a curated marketplace where makers, tastemakers and shoppers come together. Makers stock their online studio, tastemakers (their term, not mine but basically popular bloggers) choose items for their online global stores.

There are some great products but there is a lot of repetition among the tastemaker boutiques, but perhaps – in time – more makers will come on board and use and increase the choice for us shoppers!

Anyway, here are some of my favourite items:


This storage basket pricey at around £57 but it has lovely leather straps and is pretty big – it can accommodate blankets and bedding. The only downside is you can’t stick it in the washing machine.



There is more choice when it comes to textiles and cushions and satisfies any need for monochrome triangles and mint! These are both just over £21.


Icelandic sheepskin – lovely and cosy for Christmas, at £105



There are some cute accessories too which would make lovely stocking fillers. This little key fob is just under £12. Well, £11.78 to be precise – the weird pricing is down to the fact it is based on the US dollar. I love the colour combo of the beads which are £26.50.


Arrows cushion – how sweet is this? £14


MacBook case made out of Japanese cotton canvas.

One word of warning, each maker has different shipping charges and can vary significantly so make sure you check before buying.

All in all,, in my opinion, is a good addition to online shopping. If you follow a few bloggers and love their style, the chances are you’ll find their boutiques pretty tempting.

You can visit here.


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