Totally addicted:

I must confess that my 80s rental is not exactly fuelling my love of interiors. I miss having a project – a room to decorate and obsess over, paint samples and swatches to compare.

Fortunately for me, has stepped in. An online community for the interiors obsessed is set to launch this spring. It’s currently being tested by beta members. Members are encouraged to provide a glimpse into their homes.

I love pinterest but if’s testing and improvements ( there is some functionality that needs to be sorted) go well, it could have some serious advantages. For starters, it’s just for those of us who only want to swoon over interiors. So no fashion, no recipes, no cake designs, no pithy, motivational quotes!

And the photos are of actual homes and not styled photo shoots which are impossible to achieve.

There are some interior heavyweights involved like Happy Interior Blog and Little Big Bell and then there’s small fry like me!

To persuade you to come and take a look, here’s a sneak peek…












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