Nice or nasty?

I am hoping to have good news on the house front very, very soon. 

We have been renting since December and because it’s always been a temporary measure I have had to hold myself back and resist buying anything house related.

But now I am starting to turn my attention to what our (fingers and toes crossed) future home might look like and what we could do with it.

I spotted this little low sideboard which is from The Family Love Tree on Instagram earlier…

 …and immediately clicked on the heart icon. If you read my blog, you know I love a spot of colour. 

The Family Love Tree is Australia based so I started hatching a plan for a masking tape IKEA hack.

Here’s another photo:

I duly sent it to my sister for her thoughts who replied ‘maybe a bit much?’

So I thought I’d ask you lot. Is this nice or nasty?


Love interiors? Top Pinterest accounts to follow

Just a quick post this week! I thought I’d round up some of my favourite Pinterest accounts. Here are my top five that are always worthy of a repin.

1. @AgataWiner
Nine times out of ten, if I repin an image, it’s from Agata Winer. A blogger from Poland, her Kids Space board is crammed with great ideas – mixing modern Scandinavian design with ditsy, vintage prints.



I’ve banged on about my love for Inside Out, the Australian interiors magazine, before in this post. Their Pinterest account is well worth a follow for sneak peeks from their latest issue. Expect colourful, light, airy open family spaces.



A blogger, photographer, food stylist and graphic designer from France. Think pastel hues and delicate florals. You can spend ages poring over the Illustration board alone.



Boards to inspire you to bust out the craft supplies in pursuit of a creative, cool kids space.



If it’s fun pops of colour you’re after, you need a spot of Hello Sandwich. The Home Inspiration board is a lesson in how to decorate with colour.


And you can find me here! Let me know your Pinterest account or any of your favourites in the comments! Happy pinning!

Totally addicted:

I must confess that my 80s rental is not exactly fuelling my love of interiors. I miss having a project – a room to decorate and obsess over, paint samples and swatches to compare.

Fortunately for me, has stepped in. An online community for the interiors obsessed is set to launch this spring. It’s currently being tested by beta members. Members are encouraged to provide a glimpse into their homes.

I love pinterest but if’s testing and improvements ( there is some functionality that needs to be sorted) go well, it could have some serious advantages. For starters, it’s just for those of us who only want to swoon over interiors. So no fashion, no recipes, no cake designs, no pithy, motivational quotes!

And the photos are of actual homes and not styled photo shoots which are impossible to achieve.

There are some interior heavyweights involved like Happy Interior Blog and Little Big Bell and then there’s small fry like me!

To persuade you to come and take a look, here’s a sneak peek…











Free printables to pretty up your walls

Hello, having a good week?

I have just returned from a toddler pottery session. Yes, it was mayhem as you might expect! So while the little one sleeps off his clay antics, I’m blogging today about the world of free printables.

I’m all about decorating on a budget. And in my attempts to brighten up my rented magnolia walls (you can see my earlier rant about that here), I am looking at free printables as an option.

It still amazes me that you can find such amazing, free stuff once you start trawling the tinterweb. Fabulously talented designers, stylists and bloggers are putting some really cute little graphics out there for you to enjoy. FOR FREE!

Here are some of my favourites.

This comes in four colourways including two monochrome options. Check out hello wonderful for more crafty ideas than you can shake a stick at. It might just be my new obsession.


There are some sweet, nice and simple calendars that would pretty up my desk space.

This one can be found at Clean and Scentsible.


My personal favourite comes from the lovely Cautiously Obsessed blog. There is also a Spanish version.


I could probably do with this little reminder. I can be a messy pup when it comes to my office space! You can download from A Fabulous Fete blog.


If you have young children, Mr Printables needs to enter your favourites right now. There are loads of free craft templates – perfect for rainy days – and artwork for playrooms and bedrooms:



Meanwhile, Feed Your Soul is a monthly art project where artists giveaway their work for free. Really worth checking out regularly, especially if you like to switch up your walls


I hope you enjoy and if you decide to decorate up your walls with printables, I would love to see the results on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterests. In fact, if you pop on over to Pinterest, you’ll see I have created a new board which I plan to add to over the next week.

Bye for now x

PS If anyone has any tips on how to get images all the same size, this blogging newbie would love to hear them!

Totally addicted:

If your partner isn’t the best at choosing presents, then you might want to signpost him towards And when I say, ‘signpost’, I should say ‘shove website under his nose.’

It promotes itself as a curated marketplace where makers, tastemakers and shoppers come together. Makers stock their online studio, tastemakers (their term, not mine but basically popular bloggers) choose items for their online global stores.

There are some great products but there is a lot of repetition among the tastemaker boutiques, but perhaps – in time – more makers will come on board and use and increase the choice for us shoppers!

Anyway, here are some of my favourite items:


This storage basket pricey at around £57 but it has lovely leather straps and is pretty big – it can accommodate blankets and bedding. The only downside is you can’t stick it in the washing machine.



There is more choice when it comes to textiles and cushions and satisfies any need for monochrome triangles and mint! These are both just over £21.


Icelandic sheepskin – lovely and cosy for Christmas, at £105



There are some cute accessories too which would make lovely stocking fillers. This little key fob is just under £12. Well, £11.78 to be precise – the weird pricing is down to the fact it is based on the US dollar. I love the colour combo of the beads which are £26.50.


Arrows cushion – how sweet is this? £14


MacBook case made out of Japanese cotton canvas.

One word of warning, each maker has different shipping charges and can vary significantly so make sure you check before buying.

All in all,, in my opinion, is a good addition to online shopping. If you follow a few bloggers and love their style, the chances are you’ll find their boutiques pretty tempting.

You can visit here.

Totally addicted: Tiger

Now if you have a Tiger store near you, and you’ve not yet been, I strongly suggest you hotfoot it down there pronto.

You could easily walk past – perhaps it’s the branding but it doesn’t look anything much. But step inside and it’s a totally different story.

It’s one of those annoying shops where you actually can’t leave without buying anything. It is actually addictive. Rather like Ikea.

I popped in today on the lookout for stocking fillers and it’s a perfect hunting ground – cute little storage suitcases, animal party masks, play do and kaleidoscopes. Oh and did I mention? It’s cheap, cheap, cheap!

I came away with these cute little wooden cars, a suitcase as well as a few other items. I grabbed a quick picture to show you.


But it’s not just a go-to place for stocking fillers. Check out their homewares too. Take these cute, ceramic mugs, for example..


I’m kicking myself that I didn’t take more pictures because they also had a nice copper wire basket and a very homely patchwork-squared bedspread which was a snip at £15.

Nice ceramics too…



They do have a website, but it’s not a webshop. They also explain that stock in the different stores can be varied and that what is on the website may not necessarily be in the stores and vice versa. Hence no bedspread photos.

But find your nearest store here. Well worth a visit….

Bedside inspiration

I am still searching for bedside tables but am struggling to find something I like and that is affordable. Anything that comes within price range seems far too flimsy for my liking.

So I thought you might like to see some alternative bedside options….

I like this can option – and you could paint it if you’re not into the industrial look. Of course, you only have the top of the can for storage which might not be enough. Image courtesy of


An old step ladder provides much more space and can be a stylish option. Image courtesy of


I’ve seen a few bar carts styled for the bedside which could be good. The cart here is not entirely me but I like the idea…image courtesy of who found it at Boston Magazine Design Home.


But imagine the Norman Copenhagen trolley….image courtesy of


Do you have an alternative bedside table? Or have any ideas? Please share by tagging @prettyfourwalls on Instagram or twitter!