New home, nice surprises

We are finally in our new home! And since picking up the keys, we have had some lovely surprises.

The first thing we did was to peer under the hallway carpet to see if there was anything original lurking underneath. And there was parquet!

So here is the before picture:

  And this is what we found, with all the carpet grippers strewn all over it:

Mr PFW has been busy sanding and this is now the result. We just need to find a good oil or wax to finish:

I need to go around the edges a bit more too with a wire brush. 

Now, to tell you about the other discovery which has really rocked my world – four original 1930s doors, hiding away in the loft, under the eaves.

This will really set the hallway off. 

  So what’s the best discovery you’ve ever made in a home?

And if you have any recommendations for a parquet polish, oil or wax, please comment!

Have a good week!


our home has been featured…

An exciting email landed in my inbox this morning. Prettyfourwalls has been featured in the latest blog post by Hello Mrs Eve.

Every day this week, the Berlin blogger is sharing different interiors style on at(mine).com.

Today is all about eclectic style and our living room from our last home makes a cheeky appearance.

Mrs Eve says:

In Jane’s living room, a midcentury lamp, a nostalgic chandelier and a classicist fireplace fit together harmonically. The mustard yellow accents keeps the different eras together. 


Oh how I miss those picture rails!

I haven’t ever really thought of myself as eclectic. The fireplace and chandelier were already in the house when we moved in so I had to try and get them to work with my things. 

It’s worth checking out the other homes featured too. Yesterday’s post highlights some clever invisible TV trickery which I am tempted to copy.

 Ooh and I haven’t mentioned that we have the keys for our new home. The first thing we did was to pull up a corner of the hallway carpet….and we found parquet!

Have a great week.

New house!

I can finally tell you. We have bought a house!

Yippee! We exchanged contracts yesterday. I didn’t want to say anything until we got to that point in case it all fell through. 

It’s a detached house with a great plot and lovely, private garden.

I am stupidly excited that it has a carport of all things! But I am thinking of entertaining the little one on rainy days.

It doesn’t have many period features like our last house which you can see here.

But it has great space and great potential. We are hoping that, in time, we can seriously renovate the kitchen, opening it up into the existing living room so that it’s easy to cook and keep an eye on little one.

I have been resisting the urge to shop while we have been renting but I am looking forward to finding a few new things as well as unpacking our boxes, currently sitting in a garage, to rediscover all our old bits and pieces.

I thought I would share some of the things I have had my eye on lately:

This lovely Tom Pigeon print, £50

Quite frankly, I’d have any of the cushions from Mon Pote – these are both under £30.

And have a look at these little beauties from Mench Living…this side table is £30 and the utensils are £24.

Have a good bank holiday weekend!


My fun and colourful workspace

It’s been difficult to find the time to blog lately. I’ve been mostly squirrelled away here at my desk, caught up with my freelancing work. 

So I thought I’d show you my workspace. 


As you can see, I’ve used some of the free printables I talked about in this post together with Washi tape to add interest to the walls.

Most of the postcards are from Paperchase.

The Washi tape I’ve used is MT Washi. Anything else I have tried just peels off and has been a waste of time.

The lamp was a birthday present from Mr PFW. The beauty of writing a blog, however haphazardly, is that husbands start to really tune in to your tastes!

He also bought me the Hay trays below which I love. You can’t beat a spot of neon.



Check out my new business cards too from Hello!! 

Cheery, don’t you think?

I’m really drawn to bright, white desks but this wooden one is very homely. 

It was left behind in the first ever home I bought. It was stained dark brown but, with a good sanding, you can now see the grain of the pitch pine. And I think it’s a nice backdrop to the modern and colourful accessories.

 I think it’s a wartime piece so it’s nice and simple. No fuss.


Before going freelance, I really looked forward to having the freedom to create my own workspace and to make it fun, bright and happy.


Let me know what you think!

Have a good week….




Rental decorating ideas

So we’ve sold our beautiful 1930s house in Cardiff (yes, there were tears and plenty of them) and moved into an 80s-tastic rental in Shrewsbury.

It’s all for a good cause of course and we know that this is the right move for us. We love Shrewsbury, we love being nearer our families, the rental’ s not forever and I have the opportunity to finally go freelance in my PR career.

But I wanted to share the highlights of our new home that make me want to dance around to Belinda Carlisle in a puff skirt and a batwing jumper….

– mirrored sliding wardrobe doors that, wait for it, conceal an en suite bathroom
– magnolia walls everywhere obviously. That’s as standard right? Seriously, I will never be able to look at magnolia paint ever again. One month in and it’s already driving me insane. I feel as I am in that Dulux advert where colour was banned, if it wasn’t for the…
– red curtains with delightful, beige Latin text running through them across our three living room windows
– cream, plastic bathroom suite
– grey shower room suite which I actually wouldn’t mind, if it wasn’t for the pink floral tiles


So I’ve been busy looking at solutions that address rental decor and, reliably, Pinterest does throw up some good options. And Apartment Therapy tempts me with its ’12 ways to disguise dodgy rental decor’ and ‘how to update your avocado bathroom’ type headlines.

But as much as I would like to tell you that I’ll spend the next 12 months undertaking fabulous Instagram-worthy DIY projects, I would be lying. It’s as realistic as me toning my tummy to Gisele’s washboard standards.

For such a short term rent (we really hope we can buy somewhere after the 12 month contract’s up) I don’t really see the point. I can’t justify new curtains that may not fit or suit the next house. I really can’t be bothered painting and then repainting. And I won’t be doing anything that stands in the way of our deposit.

Such an interiors blogging fraud.

Fortunately, I have my furniture and things around me which helps make it feel like home.



I may invest in the odd wall sticker or two and see what magic I can wield armed with a roll of washi tape. I feel like this nifty pairing are going to become my new besties.

First up is the little one’s room and I am hoping to share that with you soon. Here are just a few things that have caught my eye over the last few weeks:

I love the hand drawn city scape behind the spray painted yellow beds. This comes from the Classy Clutter blog.


I love the little scalloped edging along the little cupboard here. This has been taken from the Finnish blog, Eeviskainen:


I am really frustrated with the lack of cute bedding for little ones in the UK. Everything I love seems to be from Australia and New Zealand like this cute pillowcase from NZ brand Struckla and Peach. I love that bedspread too. This image is from Little Dwellings – Sydney based interiors designer and stylist:


Good use of washi tape – spotted on the @teaandkate Instagram feed. I wrote a post about the Tea and Kate shop a while back.


Sweet little DIY mobile, courtesy of Milka Interiors. It would be sweet to try and do something like this.


Washi tape ideas abound in the form of house silhouettes. I am not sure how long they’d last before curious toddler fingers went into destruction mode but I might give one of these ideas a go. This one’s from the trendenser blog:


Or this from Magpie Miller which could also add interest to my plain, nail less, shelf less, magnolia walls:


And something like this, in less Christmassy colours, might also be fun. This is from Craft and Creativity.

If you fancy more ideas for kids rooms, I am on a pinning crusade at the moment if you want to take a peek, click here.

Thanks for dropping by,

Jane x

I have news. I am moving.

I am part excited about our little adventure and part devastated to be leaving my home. The move also means leaving Cardiff and all the friends we have made here.

We’re moving because Mr PFW has a new job, which he is very excited by, plus it’s nearer our families. But I know I am going to be sad when we shut the door.

We’ve only been here for a couple of years but I feel we have made some big improvements. But I am gutted that I haven’t had the time to do everything we wanted to.

So here’s the list of jobs that won’t get done!

1.Turning the dining room into a playroom
Because we have a breakfast table that seats four in the kitchen, we don’t tend to use the dining room all that much. So I had bought a white table (I went fairly cheap and cheerful from BHS) which could double up as a craft table for the little one plus it could seat eight when he had more people over for dinner.

I was deciding whether to paint the floorboards. They’re currently painted dark brown. Or whether to carpet which would have been cosy for a playroom.


2 Replace fireplace in dining room
I was planning on something much less clunky to fit in better with the 1930s vibe. It’s a bit of a monstrosity.


3. Revamp Little One’s room
The carpet was here when we arrived and it’s such great quality and in good condition, that if couldn’t justify replacing it. But it’s not really my cup of tea. But I was planning on introducing a few, fun elements to the room…a new lick of paint and these gorgeous Belle & Boo wall stickers that I’d bought on sale which work well with the teepee he was given for his birthday..



I had also bought a Cathryn Weatherhead illustration to place over the fireplace, together with a few other bits and bobs I’ve gathered.


I can’t get enough of this illustrator’s work.

So it’s been pretty manic here, planning and sorting everything out. We are hoping to exchange contracts soon on the house and then we will rent for a while when we move to Shropshire. That way, we can decide whereabouts we want to buy.

On top of that, I have had to hand my notice in at work. I’m a PR Manager so I have decided to take the leap and go freelance.

So my first priority in the new house will be a lovely, new workspace where I can focus on the blog and my freelancing! If you have any inspiration or moving tips, let me know!

Come and take a peek…

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be popping up a few pictures of the house, taken by the brilliant photographer Jake Morley.. I’ll explain why he was at our house in a couple of weeks…

Anyway, if you’re in the UK and need a first rate photographer, this guy is the business. And brides to be, book him up quickly…take a look at his website and you’ll see why. Plenty of images for your secret pinterest boards girls!! It makes me want to get married all over again!

Today, I’m showing you our little breakfast room and hallway. You might remember that we’ve done quite a bit to the hallway to lighten and modernise it. You can see the before and after pics here and here. It’s completely transformed the space and now the original features stand out a lot more.

So the below photograph…this is my favourite part of the whole house. It’s the view out of the breakfast room/kitchen and into the hallway.


This is our breakfast room which is open plan with the kitchen. I love the original, built in dresser. The kitchen’s not my cup of tea – it was what was here when we bought the house but we’d go for something altogether brighter and lighter! The layout makes it very easy to keep an eye on a Houdini toddler, plotting escapes from his high chair, while de-weetabixing the kitchen. That stuff gets everywhere doesn’t it??


We went for greys and whites in our hallway. This print is from notonthehighstreet and a first anniversary present to my husband. The whole personalisation thing is all a bit done now isn’t it but it lists some of our favourite places, including Pica Pica – a bar in Cardiff where we met on our first date so I still enjoy seeing it.

You’ll see we have picture rails and we hang all our frames with picture rail hooks and transparent fishing wire which is really strong.


We plumped for a grey carpet too and we are so pleased with it. It was all a bit gothic and medieval beforehand!


Here’s a better view of our tiles…


Obviously this was a day when little one was out! We completely de-child proofed the house- hence the lack of toys, stair gates, fireguards and general carnage.