New house!

I can finally tell you. We have bought a house!

Yippee! We exchanged contracts yesterday. I didn’t want to say anything until we got to that point in case it all fell through. 

It’s a detached house with a great plot and lovely, private garden.

I am stupidly excited that it has a carport of all things! But I am thinking of entertaining the little one on rainy days.

It doesn’t have many period features like our last house which you can see here.

But it has great space and great potential. We are hoping that, in time, we can seriously renovate the kitchen, opening it up into the existing living room so that it’s easy to cook and keep an eye on little one.

I have been resisting the urge to shop while we have been renting but I am looking forward to finding a few new things as well as unpacking our boxes, currently sitting in a garage, to rediscover all our old bits and pieces.

I thought I would share some of the things I have had my eye on lately:

This lovely Tom Pigeon print, £50

Quite frankly, I’d have any of the cushions from Mon Pote – these are both under £30.

And have a look at these little beauties from Mench Living…this side table is £30 and the utensils are £24.

Have a good bank holiday weekend!



The cactus 

The humble cactus is having a moment. A quick look on etsy and you’re offered cactus cushions, cactus prints, knitted cacti, cactus fabrics. Yes, yes – we get it already.

I’m of the school of thought that if something is having a ‘thing’, it probably means it’s already on the way out. So I tend not to invest heavily in big trends. You might be better off going for a cheaper item or, even better, something DIY?

Anyway, here are my favourite cacti:   

I think this screen print is rather cute and would brighten up a bathroom or a kitchen diner. It’s available at etsy which is always a good source of reasonably priced artwork. 

 I am sure you’re seeing a lot of these decorating hoops at the moment. And if you’re handy with a needle and thread, a DIY project is a good way to introduce a trend without spending too much. If you’d prefer someone else to get on with the handicraft, again just head to etsy. This particular one ships from California so just wach out for extra charges.

I don’t tend to covet wallpaper with a bang on trend as I worry it will date quickly. But you can always buy simple updates like tea towels. And if you find one you really like, frame them! Again, etsy! This time, a Leeds based artist.

 And finally for the tea towel lovers out there, here’s another one which is available at blogandbuysale which, by the way, is a good little place to find products made by independent artists and designers.

Let me know if you’ve indulged in the cactus trend!

Living Etc and – match made in heaven? 

There are certain headlines which I am a total sucker for – six steps to the most organised pantry ever or beautiful laundry room inspiration to take just two.

I get sucked in every. single . time. And then there’s the one above, alerting me to joining forces with Living Etc. Yep, I can’t not look. 

Predictably, I’m a fan of quite a few products (Not all – I’ll come to that).

Like these shelves, at £349. The marble and copper clock (probably my favourite item from the whole collection) at just £49 and the cushions. Here’s the pink but there are a couple of different shades of grey, a pale olive and a  deep blue too. They’re £28 – bargain.


I couldn’t find a better picture of the cushion because I am writing this late at night from my bed, half asleep. The toddler is expected to wait any minute now! Grr.

Oh and those products I wasn’t keen on.

This is not my cup of tea at all…

How about you? Will you be purchasing? Take a look at 

My pick of Habitat’s new sofa collection

Crikey, that ended up being rather a lengthy blog break! I seem to have been struck down by a monster virus. Yuk.

But I am on the mend and ready to talk interiors once again. And Habitat’s new collection popped into my inbox the other day.

I’ve always been a big fan of Habitat. Even as a student, I’d treat myself to a few things in the sales. I really miss Habitat on the high street though I did hear a rumour somewhere that they may be making a comeback soon. Can anyone verify or have I dreamt this?

Anyway, they have some lovely new sofas for you to cast your eye over….here are my six favourites!

I am really drawn to the greys…

But these jewel toned sofas are pretty sumptuous don’t you think?

You can shop the collection here.

Meanwhile, the house hunt has begun in earnest. And it’s confirmed that Mr PFW and I are pretty picky. We want space, we want garage, we want garden, we want parking, we want open plan family areas – and we ‘d like it within walking distance of town too please. I’ll keep you posted!

Enjoy your week.

The coveted list: September

Oh dearie me, September’s nearly over and I’m only just getting around to this m onth’s coveted list.

Well, we’re not getting much sleep in the PFW household. Little one seems to want to come into our bed all the time! I don’t know how many times I’ve done sleep training?!

Anyway, I’m popping the violins away and on to THE LIST.

I’ve been drooling over lots of beautiful bedding lately. I blogged not long ago about how I’m drawn to a lot of Australian brands. Well, In Bed With Fred is yet another. They make beautiful children’s bedding and muslin wraps.



If you’ve come across any baby bedding in the UK that’s worth sharing, please do! Anyway, bedding’s not really my priority at the moment (we were given some of the Little Bird range from Mothercare that’s still going strong) but I am considering whether a night light might help us get a better night’s sleep.

I really don’t know if it would make a difference but I do like these options from This Modern Life. The rabbit’s £4.95, baby lapin’s £60 and the sleepy star is £85.




If only I had more need of this, also from This Modern Life, £2.85… that would be a fine thing!


The Coveted List: August

I don’t know about you, but I am starting to feel a tad chilly. I got home from work tonight and Mr PFW had switched the heating on, without any prompting from me. So it’s official. We can start thinking about Autumn.

So this month’s list is all about blankets and throws. And I would curl up in any of these little beauties.

Melin Tregwynt are well known for their beautiful Welsh blankets. This one is available in Liberty at £175 (got a real thing about navy lately) but you can go direct to the Melin Tregwynt website and choose from their vast range, by colour or design.


As their name suggests, the folk at Toast do toasty rather well. This is a traditional Canadian blanket, also at £175, which is currently out of stock. But Toast’s Autumn/Winter range is due to arrive shortly so let’s hope they do something similar this season. I strongly recommend a visit to the website as they have a lovely range of cosy goodness!


Ok, so they’re pricey but I sort of think they’d make great heirlooms to pass on and if you work on the basis of £1 per use, they’re a bargain! Ahem, have I justified it yet?

Moving on, I love a good stripe and this Irish woollen throw comes in cheaper at £79 and is available at notonthehighstreet.


And at a similar price, French Connection give us their grey offering for the more neutral lovers among us. I do suspect that this is more grey in real life, based on the other images available, so just beware.


The coveted list: July

It’s Monday, the sun’s shining and most of us have been in work all day. I figured you were all in need of some cheering up.

So here’s a round up of products that are are jolly, fun and have really caught my eye.

We start with this children’s organic bubble bath from Bimbily. Isn’t the packaging lovely? I’m sorry but it could be ‘worms and snails oil’ and I’d still buy it. I’m a sucker for an illustrated woodland animal and a pretty font. (PS – if you check out Bimbily, take a look at their stunning range of wallpaper).

Fortunately, it contains mandarin and argan oil’ and it’s made in Britain.


I’ve been a fan of Rosehip Paper and Cards’ Instagram feed for a while now. Designer Silkie Lloyd takes her inspiration from fabrics and wallpapers from years gone by.


These mini bowls by Wind and Willow Home are all hand dipped. I love the range of colours. You could use them for spices or jewellery. I think I would probably pop them on a desk for paperclips. The lovely colours would be so cheery on a desk.


Meanwhile, I have finally got around to sending my seat cushion off to get a new lease of life. You might remember my earlier post about the lovely fabric I spotted in Wells. It’s taken a while because I had to ask the shop to send me more fabric. My guesstimation of fabric needed was shockingly poor! I am so useless at sewing. I have no idea of these things.

More on that very soon….I can’t wait to show you!

Quick post this week. Mr PFW is away for three weeks so I’m juggling a particularly busy time in work with toddler tantrums. Though he has started to blow raspberries on my tummy which is hilarious.

If you’ve spotted a product that should feature in next month’s round up, please get in touch!

Happy Monday.