Home Tour: Happy Dutch home

Once we move into the new house, we hope to have an open plan space for cooking, eating and playing. 

And I want it to be colourful and fun. So when I came across the Dutch home of Lonneke, a Mum of three, I took note.

She kindly agreed to let me share her home with you. 

 So first up, we have the dining table. You’ll see in the rest of the pictures that she manages a happy blend of modern and vintage.

I love this postcard rack and I am officially stealing this idea. Lonneke bought this from her local Hema shop. They have stores in London and also have an online shop.


I like the idea of a high kitchen shelf too for a stash of gorgeous ceramics.

A great way to introduce a splash of colour for the faint hearted is to shop for some cutlery or utensils. The kids will love it too.
Nice little basket of candles hiding under there and clashing sofa prints.

These neon plant holders were a DIY project. Another idea steal to add to the list.
Lovely modern side tables sitting alongside vintage. 

 I told Lonneke that the picture below is going to be added to my Pinterest board for our new family room. I have been dreaming of a grey sofa with a colourful mix of cushions.

If you would like to see more of this happy Dutch home, check out @lonbondesign on Instagram.

Have a great weekend!


Nice or nasty?

I am hoping to have good news on the house front very, very soon. 

We have been renting since December and because it’s always been a temporary measure I have had to hold myself back and resist buying anything house related.

But now I am starting to turn my attention to what our (fingers and toes crossed) future home might look like and what we could do with it.

I spotted this little low sideboard which is from The Family Love Tree on Instagram earlier…

 …and immediately clicked on the heart icon. If you read my blog, you know I love a spot of colour. 

The Family Love Tree is Australia based so I started hatching a plan for a masking tape IKEA hack.

Here’s another photo:

I duly sent it to my sister for her thoughts who replied ‘maybe a bit much?’

So I thought I’d ask you lot. Is this nice or nasty?

The cactus 

The humble cactus is having a moment. A quick look on etsy and you’re offered cactus cushions, cactus prints, knitted cacti, cactus fabrics. Yes, yes – we get it already.

I’m of the school of thought that if something is having a ‘thing’, it probably means it’s already on the way out. So I tend not to invest heavily in big trends. You might be better off going for a cheaper item or, even better, something DIY?

Anyway, here are my favourite cacti:   

I think this screen print is rather cute and would brighten up a bathroom or a kitchen diner. It’s available at etsy which is always a good source of reasonably priced artwork. 

 I am sure you’re seeing a lot of these decorating hoops at the moment. And if you’re handy with a needle and thread, a DIY project is a good way to introduce a trend without spending too much. If you’d prefer someone else to get on with the handicraft, again just head to etsy. This particular one ships from California so just wach out for extra charges.

I don’t tend to covet wallpaper with a bang on trend as I worry it will date quickly. But you can always buy simple updates like tea towels. And if you find one you really like, frame them! Again, etsy! This time, a Leeds based artist.

 And finally for the tea towel lovers out there, here’s another one which is available at blogandbuysale which, by the way, is a good little place to find products made by independent artists and designers.

Let me know if you’ve indulged in the cactus trend!

Living Etc and Made.com – match made in heaven? 

There are certain headlines which I am a total sucker for – six steps to the most organised pantry ever or beautiful laundry room inspiration to take just two.

I get sucked in every. single . time. And then there’s the one above, alerting me to Made.com joining forces with Living Etc. Yep, I can’t not look. 

Predictably, I’m a fan of quite a few products (Not all – I’ll come to that).

Like these shelves, at £349. The marble and copper clock (probably my favourite item from the whole collection) at just £49 and the cushions. Here’s the pink but there are a couple of different shades of grey, a pale olive and a  deep blue too. They’re £28 – bargain.


I couldn’t find a better picture of the cushion because I am writing this late at night from my bed, half asleep. The toddler is expected to wait any minute now! Grr.

Oh and those products I wasn’t keen on.

This is not my cup of tea at all…

How about you? Will you be purchasing? Take a look at  http://www.made.com/livingetc 

Style lust: Florrie and Bill

If you’re lucky enough to have a retro chair hanging around, then you might want to take some inspiration from Florrie and Bill.

The business has been inspired by Amy Cawson’s Grandparents – named Florence and William – and her memories of their home filled with radiograms and teak furniture. I’m imagining some macrame plant holders too or is that just me?

If you head over to the website, you’ll find G Plan, Ercol and Parker Knoll. There’s a large range of the cutest cocktail chairs as well as some Danish pieces.

 I’ve picked a few of my favorites for you to drool over…


Botanical laburnum cocktail chair

Botanical laburnum cocktail chair

Florrie and Bill yellow cocktail chsir

Yellow cocktail chair


Parker Knoll rocking chair

Parker Knoll rocking chair

Navy velvet Danish armchair

Danish armchair in velvet



Mint cocktail chair

Mint cocktail chair

So can you guess my favorite? It has to be the mint  cocktail chair! We are viewing a house tonight (wish us luck!) which has parquet flooring. I can just see this piece sitting pretty on lovely, warm herringbone wood…

Look at how it’s been styled here for the Florrie and Bill Pinterest page. Not sure I could entrust it to my toddler’s room though. There’s no way I’d let him get his little sticky mitts near it! 


My fun and colourful workspace

It’s been difficult to find the time to blog lately. I’ve been mostly squirrelled away here at my desk, caught up with my freelancing work. 

So I thought I’d show you my workspace. 


As you can see, I’ve used some of the free printables I talked about in this post together with Washi tape to add interest to the walls.

Most of the postcards are from Paperchase.

The Washi tape I’ve used is MT Washi. Anything else I have tried just peels off and has been a waste of time.

The lamp was a birthday present from Mr PFW. The beauty of writing a blog, however haphazardly, is that husbands start to really tune in to your tastes!

He also bought me the Hay trays below which I love. You can’t beat a spot of neon.



Check out my new business cards too from Moo.com. Hello!! 

Cheery, don’t you think?

I’m really drawn to bright, white desks but this wooden one is very homely. 

It was left behind in the first ever home I bought. It was stained dark brown but, with a good sanding, you can now see the grain of the pitch pine. And I think it’s a nice backdrop to the modern and colourful accessories.

 I think it’s a wartime piece so it’s nice and simple. No fuss.


Before going freelance, I really looked forward to having the freedom to create my own workspace and to make it fun, bright and happy.


Let me know what you think!

Have a good week….




My pick of Habitat’s new sofa collection

Crikey, that ended up being rather a lengthy blog break! I seem to have been struck down by a monster virus. Yuk.

But I am on the mend and ready to talk interiors once again. And Habitat’s new collection popped into my inbox the other day.

I’ve always been a big fan of Habitat. Even as a student, I’d treat myself to a few things in the sales. I really miss Habitat on the high street though I did hear a rumour somewhere that they may be making a comeback soon. Can anyone verify or have I dreamt this?

Anyway, they have some lovely new sofas for you to cast your eye over….here are my six favourites!

I am really drawn to the greys…

But these jewel toned sofas are pretty sumptuous don’t you think?

You can shop the collection here.

Meanwhile, the house hunt has begun in earnest. And it’s confirmed that Mr PFW and I are pretty picky. We want space, we want garage, we want garden, we want parking, we want open plan family areas – and we ‘d like it within walking distance of town too please. I’ll keep you posted!

Enjoy your week.