A simple, Swedish Christmas

Hands up if you are decorating for Christmas with a curious toddler or pet in tow?

I turned around the other day and my little boy actually had a tree light bulb in his mouth. Yikes. So our tree is now looking particularly stylish with the lights weaved through the upper branches only. Ahem. However, he is forgiven because he has brought home from nursery his own craft pieces for the tree which we just love. Plus how can you not forgive a two year old in a fetching Christmas jumper?


He has just started talking and the way he tries to say Christmas tree is so loveable.

Anyway, we are not at home this year for the big event. We are off up North to spend it with my in laws so I haven’t gone crazy on the decorating. Coupled with the fact that we have just moved into a rental for 12 months until we decide where we want to settle in our new town of Shrewsbury. And you know what rentals are like for their rules and restrictions. Yawn.

Saying that, I still want it to look festive and you can check out my Instagram feed to see what I am doing as I am not finished yet!

I cannot wait to have a place of our own again. And when I do, come Christmas, I’ll be taking a lead from Helena Shem. Helena lives in Sundsvall, Sweden and you can find her blog here.

Just look at this beautiful front door and porch. I love the double wreath and mini potted Christmas trees.





I love the way she has dressed the porch with greenery. It reminds me of my Dad who every year gathers armfuls of holly, pine and mistletoe – often as late as Christmas Eve – for my Mum to add a festive touch to our farmhouse. It makes the whole house smell so good.

There’s no place for Christmas commercial gimmicks in Helena’s home either. And, let’s face it, you can’t really go wrong with some simple, winter greenery, a lovely tree and candlelight…




Doesn’t that glittery corner look inviting with its chandelier, sheepskin and wooden background? I would love to curl up there with a good book!