Nice or nasty?

I am hoping to have good news on the house front very, very soon. 

We have been renting since December and because it’s always been a temporary measure I have had to hold myself back and resist buying anything house related.

But now I am starting to turn my attention to what our (fingers and toes crossed) future home might look like and what we could do with it.

I spotted this little low sideboard which is from The Family Love Tree on Instagram earlier…

 …and immediately clicked on the heart icon. If you read my blog, you know I love a spot of colour. 

The Family Love Tree is Australia based so I started hatching a plan for a masking tape IKEA hack.

Here’s another photo:

I duly sent it to my sister for her thoughts who replied ‘maybe a bit much?’

So I thought I’d ask you lot. Is this nice or nasty?


Pretty up your legs

Ikea tables just got interesting. If you’ve never heard of Swedish company Prettypegs before, then it’s time to listen up.

Prettypegs offer a brilliant, oh-I-wish-I-thought-of-it-myself solution to customise Ikea sofas, chairs, storage pieces and, as of this week, tables.

Designing furniture legs (with a choice of 60 different options), Ikea hacking just got a whole lot easier! And the 15 different types of table legs won’t just work with Ikea, any table leg that can take a screw can be prettypegged!



The idea was the brainchild of couple Jana Cagin and Mikael Soderblom who decided to plough heir wedding savings into starting the business in Spring 2012.

So clever. Oh and they offer free shipping – worldwide! Happy days.






I think these are my favourite