Rental decorating ideas

So we’ve sold our beautiful 1930s house in Cardiff (yes, there were tears and plenty of them) and moved into an 80s-tastic rental in Shrewsbury.

It’s all for a good cause of course and we know that this is the right move for us. We love Shrewsbury, we love being nearer our families, the rental’ s not forever and I have the opportunity to finally go freelance in my PR career.

But I wanted to share the highlights of our new home that make me want to dance around to Belinda Carlisle in a puff skirt and a batwing jumper….

– mirrored sliding wardrobe doors that, wait for it, conceal an en suite bathroom
– magnolia walls everywhere obviously. That’s as standard right? Seriously, I will never be able to look at magnolia paint ever again. One month in and it’s already driving me insane. I feel as I am in that Dulux advert where colour was banned, if it wasn’t for the…
– red curtains with delightful, beige Latin text running through them across our three living room windows
– cream, plastic bathroom suite
– grey shower room suite which I actually wouldn’t mind, if it wasn’t for the pink floral tiles


So I’ve been busy looking at solutions that address rental decor and, reliably, Pinterest does throw up some good options. And Apartment Therapy tempts me with its ’12 ways to disguise dodgy rental decor’ and ‘how to update your avocado bathroom’ type headlines.

But as much as I would like to tell you that I’ll spend the next 12 months undertaking fabulous Instagram-worthy DIY projects, I would be lying. It’s as realistic as me toning my tummy to Gisele’s washboard standards.

For such a short term rent (we really hope we can buy somewhere after the 12 month contract’s up) I don’t really see the point. I can’t justify new curtains that may not fit or suit the next house. I really can’t be bothered painting and then repainting. And I won’t be doing anything that stands in the way of our deposit.

Such an interiors blogging fraud.

Fortunately, I have my furniture and things around me which helps make it feel like home.



I may invest in the odd wall sticker or two and see what magic I can wield armed with a roll of washi tape. I feel like this nifty pairing are going to become my new besties.

First up is the little one’s room and I am hoping to share that with you soon. Here are just a few things that have caught my eye over the last few weeks:

I love the hand drawn city scape behind the spray painted yellow beds. This comes from the Classy Clutter blog.


I love the little scalloped edging along the little cupboard here. This has been taken from the Finnish blog, Eeviskainen:


I am really frustrated with the lack of cute bedding for little ones in the UK. Everything I love seems to be from Australia and New Zealand like this cute pillowcase from NZ brand Struckla and Peach. I love that bedspread too. This image is from Little Dwellings – Sydney based interiors designer and stylist:


Good use of washi tape – spotted on the @teaandkate Instagram feed. I wrote a post about the Tea and Kate shop a while back.


Sweet little DIY mobile, courtesy of Milka Interiors. It would be sweet to try and do something like this.


Washi tape ideas abound in the form of house silhouettes. I am not sure how long they’d last before curious toddler fingers went into destruction mode but I might give one of these ideas a go. This one’s from the trendenser blog:


Or this from Magpie Miller which could also add interest to my plain, nail less, shelf less, magnolia walls:


And something like this, in less Christmassy colours, might also be fun. This is from Craft and Creativity.

If you fancy more ideas for kids rooms, I am on a pinning crusade at the moment if you want to take a peek, click here.

Thanks for dropping by,

Jane x